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    We’re looking for early stage technology startups who are tackling problems in the areas of HEALTH, EDUCATION, SUSTAINABILITY and DEMOCRACY AND SOCIETY. That could be anything from fixing healthcare to reducing carbon emissions or improving education to reducing crime – the key is that your idea must have the potential to help millions of people somewhere along the line. Read more about our impact areas below.

    Health SWIM2

    Technology could help reduce the cost of healthcare by providing new solutions that improve health without increasing cost. It offers new possibilities for preventative healthcare and early intervention via testing, screening and offering advice and opportunities for behaviour change. It can improve the organisation of healthcare, helping to make better use of the resources already available and it can give access to healthcare to people who would otherwise not have been able to make use of it.

    We’re looking for ventures that:

    • Improve health outcomes 
    • Improve access to healthcare
    • Decrease health inequality
    • Reduced cost of healthcare

    Companies we’ve backedGood GymDrDoctorFlowy, See What I Mean, Andiamo, HearToday, Talklife, ChangeAlert, Club Soda, OurPath, imin, HealthVR, Hospify, Sentimoto, Run An Empire, Cove, Konnektis


    What we need to learn and the way we learn it are both going to change radically in the coming decades. The current system of centrally controlled curricula, schools and classrooms makes little sense in an era of widespread digital technologies. We’re looking for opportunities to back ventures that help reorganise the system in a way that improves outcomes, decreases costs and reduces inequality.

    We’re looking for ventures that:

    • Increase access to education and learning
    • Improve educational outcomes (achievement and attainment)
    • Reduce inequality in access to and the outcomes of education
    • Reduce the cost of education and learning

    Companies we’ve backed: OverleafFluency, TechmumsI Can Make, Wall Display, Trackwall, GroupU, Treepress, Walacea, Supa Academy, Before I Die Network, Lessonate, Mathscraft


    We think the way we power society, particularly transport and housing will change almost entirely over the coming decades, transparency will transform supply chains, driven by consumer demand, energy distribution will change because national grids make no sense in a low-carbon world and the ways we deal with waste will be completely different to today. We’ll also unfortunately need to find ways to adapt to climate change and help to make communities more resilient to extreme weather.

    We’re looking for ventures that:

    • Reduce emissions of greenhouse gases
    • Improve resource efficiency
    • Reduce waste
    • Improve resilience to climate change

    Companies we’ve backed: FairphoneOpen Utility, Mastodon C, Flood NetworkKutoa, Flooting

    Democracy and society
    democracyandsociety copy

    We believe there are opportunities for technology to help build new models of democracy that go beyond representation and create new ways for people to hold institutions to account and set their priorities. We think it’s an area that is vital to the healthy functioning of any society and one that we don’t see other institutions capable of investing in without preconceptions or a vested interest in a particular (party) political outcome.

    We’re looking for ventures that:

    • Increase democratic participation
    • Improve interaction between government and citizens 
    • Create greater transparency and accountability for institutions
    • Build stronger relationships within and between communities

    Companies we've backed: Commonplace, Whatleads.to, voXup, eBarts, Position Dial, RentSquare, Firesouls

    Key Dates

    18th August – 09:00 GMT Monday 19th October 2015
    Applications for Bethnal Green Ventures Winter 2016 open

    17th, 18th, 19th, 20th November 2015
    Interviews for BGV Winter 2016 Cohort

    11th January – 1st April 2016
    BGV Winter 2016 Programme

    Team Updates

    Every Monday we will bring the teams together over a delicious lunch to share progress and seek advice and support from peers in the cohort.

    Office Hours

    Every week the BGV team will meet one on one with each team for an hour to help them set priorities and move forward.

    Founder Confidential
    BGV office copy low res

    Every Wedenesday lunchtime we will bring the teams together to hear a speaker tell the no frills story of how they built their social venture.

    Pitch Practice
    photo (19)

    Friday afternoons are all about pitch practice, a chance for teams to practice their own pitches and give feedback to the rest of the cohort.


    We run regular workshops on a range of topics including: user testing, impact measurement, service design, PR, business development and investment strategy.

    Demo Day

    Demo Day is an evening event at the end of each programme, where all the teams will pitch their ideas to an audience of friends, partners, investors and press.