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    March 23, 2017
    Introducing our spring 2017 cohort

    This week we launched our tenth accelerator programme and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you about the eight new tech for good startups we’re investing in.

    All the startups we’ve selected are using technology to tackle tough social and environmental issues – from a renewable energy device for the developing world, to a new tool for managing mental health, to a platform for improving workplace equality, to an app to mobilise citizen engagement – these startups are on a mission to improve the lives of millions of people.


    Team: Alex Tupper, Simon Day
    Apptivism is a citizen engagement platform that provides a fact checked spectrum of views on an issue.

    Atticus Link

    Team: Joseph Huang, Justin Johnson, Fatiha Zine, Nicoleta Uzorka-Ion
    Atticus Link is an online platform unifying pro-bono efforts in the UK to improve access to legal advice for all.

    Dual Good Health

    Team: Anna Stoilova, Morgan Page
    Dual Good are developing a virtual reality app for accurate CPR training that provides real-time feedback in a variety of scenarios.

    Mental Snapp

    Team: Hannah Chamberlain, Tex Dunstan, Manisha Pandey
    Mental Snapp is a video diary app that gives people the skills to manage their mental health effectively. Users can record diary entries, tag feelings and rate their mood. For anyone actively managing their mental health.

    How Do I?

    Team: Taryl Law, Tom Casson
    The world is not designed for people with learning disabilities to live independently. How Do I? is an app that makes step-by-step life skill videos accessible to people with additional needs, creating more inclusive homes, schools and workplaces.

    The Local Electricity Project

    Team: Samson Sahmland-Bowling, Simon Powell
    The Local Electricity Project supplies tools and knowledge to the 1.2 billion people without access to electricity, so that they can build their own electricity generators, using recycled motors and local resources.

    The Hard Yard

    Team: Frankie Bennett
    The Hard Yard delivers tough workouts, designed and led by people who have been in prison.

    The Organise Platform

    Team: Nat Whalley, James Rees
    The Organise Platform helps women to share their ideas for better workplaces and work with colleagues to push them to become a reality.

    Our community plays a big role in supporting startups during the programme, so do get in touch if you can help a team out.