The big idea

Why we invest in tech for good

Better ways of tackling social and environmental problems are needed

There are significant problems in healthcare, education, sustainability and democracy and we want to support better ways of addressing those problems. Better solutions are a good thing for humanity, and a huge economic opportunity too.


Technology enables better and more scalable responses to social and environmental problems

Technology allows for radically different approaches to social and environmental problems; which are able to scale their reach faster and with declining unit cost, enabling more social and environmental impact.


Difficult social and environmental challenges can also be valuable market opportunities

We believe there is a growing demand for investments that address the growing challenges of our society and environment. The strength of our portfolio – with tech for good ventures working in healthcare, education, sustainability and democracy – show that there are willing customers for better solutions and that they can build profitable businesses from the scalable technology products and services they’ve developed.


Tech for good founders are diverse, they think differently, learn fast and grow exponentially

Our founders are more diverse, many have lived experience of the problems they seek to solve. They are passionate about generating new solutions to social and environmental challenges and they develop things that incumbent operators wouldn’t. Whilst most new ventures fail, they do so quickly with little capital expended and those which survive scale their impact and financial value exponentially.


People want to invest their wealth in positive ways

We believe there is a growing demand for investments that positively impact social and environmental issues whilst providing market rate returns and we are developing investment products that allow them to do this.

Technology scales and with the right people behind it, can have a significant positive impact on millions of lives.

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