01 Apr 2014

Announcing Tech for Evil

By Lily

With the state of the economy recently we’ve all had to make compromises. At BGV we’ve realised in an age of austerity it’s not possible to keep funding cohort after cohort of do-gooding startups. So we have decided instead to run a Tech for Evil cohort this summer, firstly because we’re hoping to finally make some money and secondly to cut the monotony of supporting too many positive world changing startups – everyone deserves a break sometimes!

We talked to our funders about the idea, and although it took some convincing they finally agreed that it was a “necessary evil” and are one hundred percent behind us.

So without further ado let me introduce our next cohort:

  • Evil Phone – The cheapest phone ever made! Just don’t ask us how.

  • Play Evil – Making games for evil – their latest project KABOOM is a mobile game which induces panic attacks.

  • DrEvil – Smart booking systems for debt collectors – so you can fit in all the threatening home visits you need!

  • Evil Utility – using smart technology to enable super local fracking in multiple locations of your choice.

  • I Can Make Evil – Helping kids make fully functional weapons using 3D printers – and teaching them about engineering in the process!

  • voxDown –  Helping YOU spread local government anarchy, everyday.

  • EvilGym – combining running with mayhem; groups of runners running amok in their communities.

  • See What Evil Means – an app that takes your meaning and twists it… for evil.

Please do get in touch if you have a #techforevil idea for us!