11 May 2021

Apply to BGV’s Autumn 2021 programme

By Dama Sathianathan

We’re pleased to announce that applications are open for our flagship 12-week Tech for Good programme including £30,000 investment per selected venture. 

We’re looking for ambitious founders with a deep understanding of the social or environmental problem they are trying to solve and a long-term commitment to build responsible, impact-driven businesses. 

At BGV, we’ve been investing in tech for good since 2012. Data from our latest Impact and Learning report suggests that 67% of our portfolio founders did not have any previous experience building a business. However, the programme is not just for first time founders. It’s also a great opportunity for entrepreneurs with previous experience who want to learn more about creating an impact-driven business. 

For the teams we select, the programme is just the beginning of the support BGV offers. You’ll join a community of over 80 portfolio companies all working hard to use technology to solve important problems and receive life-long support from the BGV team.

34% of our portfolio companies say that it’s only because of BGV’s help that their product or service exists today. 

Using tech to tackle the world’s pressing social and environmental challenges

COVID-19 has made existing global challenges and inequalities more obvious. According to the United Nations, the livelihoods of half the global workforce have been affected; more than 1.6 billion students are without access to education, and tens of millions of people have been pushed back into extreme poverty and hunger.

We believe technology has a huge role to play in addressing these pressing challenges. We don’t think it will solve everything, but done right and responsibly, tech for good has huge potential to help people and planet. 

At BGV, we are particularly interested in hearing from founders who are building tech for good businesses that are geared towards contributing to a sustainable planet, a better society, including WorkerTech, and healthy lives. 

If that’s you, head to our founders page and apply to receive funding and support as part of our Autumn 2021 programme or get in touch to speak to our team. You can also sign up to one of our many Q&A events we’re running and for our WorkerTech Q&A with Resolution Ventures on 13th May.