16 Nov 2015

Ben gets to B Social with the B Corp community

By Ben

Last Wednesday saw B Lab UK host November’s ‘B Social’ meetup, a chance for founding B Corps (like BGV) and those considering becoming a B Corp to get together and talk all things good business.

It was great to meet people from many different backgrounds committed to learning more about how business can be a force for good in the world.

There were representatives from organisations as diverse as Change.org, Shoremount, Numbers for Good, Lily’s Kitchen, Bridges Ventures, and Good Talent.

Fairphone, a BGV backed venture, was also in attendance, and it was fantastic to hear first hand how BGV helped them go from an ambitious idea to the successful company they are today. It was gratifying to hear a lot of people at the event say that not only had they heard of Fairphone, but they wanted one in time for Christmas!

What was truly encouraging though was hearing how committed B Lab are to making the B Corporation community in the UK about more than just the certification. They really wanted to hear what the founding B Corps would like to see more of, and assured everybody they were excited to create events that tailored to the different interests of the B Corp community. It will be interesting to see how this develops. 

It got me thinking about effective ways to foster a new community, and I reflected on the community BGV has been building to date. We’ve been having some interesting discussions recently about the tools and services we need to develop to keep up with the demands of the community as it continues to grow.

One of these tools is the Founders’ Day event, which we’re currently in the process of organising. It’s a one day event bringing together all the startups we’ve supported over the years. We’re busy planning a series of workshops and talks for the event, but we know that the most important element about the day is creating the space to bring everyone together in a supportive and collaborative environment.

The ability to get together and learn from organisations with similar values going through similar challenges is really useful. It’s why we’re excited to take part in the B Corp events – with a global community of organisations from 42 different countries we think there could be lots of opportunity for learning and partnerships. It’s a movement that is growing all the time, and we’re proud to be along for the ride.