15 Jan 2016

BGV welcomes the startups for a hectic first week!

By Ben

This week the BGV team were thrilled to welcome the 9 startups of the 2016 Winter Cohort for week 1 of the accelerator programme. It’s been really intense and challenging for the teams as each day there’s been something different happening and plenty of new things to learn. Below is a brief summary of what went on…

Day 1

The first day was mostly about settling in and getting to know each other. We learned more about people’s backgrounds and hidden skills and were blown away by what a diverse and talented bunch of founders we’ve pulled together. The day wrapped up with a fun session on the elevator pitch, the first of many more pitch practices to come! 

Day 2

We kicked off day two with a session on programme planning, working with the teams to set SMART goals and envision what success looks like in 3 months, 1 year and 5 years time. We then switched to a workshop on  customer development, giving an introduction to the do’s and don’ts in speaking to potential customers. We referred a lot to the Mom Test book, which we think does a great job of helping startups think of questions that will give them valuable insights into the market they are looking to penetrate.

Day 3

The morning was dedicated to the murky world of impact measurement – this is something early stage social ventures often struggle with. We introduced teams to some key concepts and encouraged them to think about their ‘theory of change’ and how they could measure outputs and outcomes. We then had our first ‘Founder Confidential’ lunch with Prathap and David from Mathscraft, who spoke about their BGV journey and what they would do differently if they had their time on the accelerator again. In the afternoon the action kicked off with ‘mentor speed dating’ – a chance for the teams to meet our talented mentors and get to know them. The teams found this the most challenging activity to date, but the pitch practice on day one paid off!

Day 4

Day four was all about service design, led by the very talented Jennie Winhall. The teams learned about the tools to understand who their users are, how to build a profile of those users, and mapping out the entire journey that users will go through when interacting with their business.

Day 5

This morning kicked off with a Makerversity breakfast where the teams met the wider community of makers, designers, developers and entrepreneurs within the Makerversity co-working space. This will provide fuel for another packed day – we have a legal workshop followed by another Founder Confidential lunch, then we’re throwing the teams into another round of mentor speed dating, capping off an incredibly busy week!