02 Apr 2015

BGV Winter 2015 Launch Night: How you can support the next steps

By Vicky

Last night we had our Winter 15’ Launch Night where our 10 latest startups pitched to over 200 people. From virtual reality combating problems with OCD to ethically sourced fashion brands, we showcased a variety of startups all using technology to tackle a social or environmental problem.

The event took place at DigitasLBi on Brick Lane and was catered for by the famous Beigel Bake shop nearby. Each team had five minutes to pitch their business to a room full of ‘tech for good’ enthusiasts. The presentations were flawless, and special credit goes to Jim from Hospify for delivering a perfect pitch in the face of AV adversity.

These nights are not just about watching great pitches though – they’re an opportunity for people to get on board with what teams are doing and find a way to help.  At BGV one of our main values is generosity and any help you can give to these startups would be massively appreciated. Most of our teams are raising investment, but there are plenty of other ways you can support what they’re doing as well.

Aparito are using wearable technology to monitor paediatric disease – they’re launching a pilot with a pharmaceutical company, Great Ormond Street Hospital and Niemann-Pick Disease Group this Summer. They’re looking for other connections in the pharmaceutical industry and they would specifically like to speak to people connected to support groups for diseases.

Biblio are looking for people interested in taking part in their bibliotherapy book trial. Get in touch if you’d like to be connected with a curator that will provide book recommendations to help you gain a fresh perspective on any challenges you might be facing. It will be free to take part in return for your feedback and comments.

Birdsong have an ethical fashion market place and would like contacts in the fashion industry. For example: photographers, studios, models, celebrities, retail brands and press. They would love for you to check out their online store and buy their beautiful handmade clothes that support women’s groups.

Club Soda are helping people control their drinking habits and are looking for contacts with corporate companies so that they can trial their workplace offer. They’re also massively expanding their community and they welcome anyone that would like to change their drinking habits – whether they want to cut down, stop for a bit, quit or stick.

GroupU is an online grouping tool for classrooms and has been trialled in several schools – giving teachers the ability to better group students and improve classroom learning. They’re looking to speak with other teachers and schools that would like to get on board.

Health VR are using virtual reality techniques to improve exposure therapy in the treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. They’ve got the tech set and they’d like to speak with anyone who can support them with the trial which will be based out of South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust.

Hospify has created a secure mobile messaging service for healthcare. They’d like to speak with anyone that can support them in improving the communication systems within hospitals and clinical settings.

imin is making any physical activity searchable by providing an open data platform to connect providers of sport and leisure with business that are trying to get more people active. They would welcome connections to any apps or businesses related to sports activities and improving sports participation.

OurPath has created a 12 week programme designed to prevent people from developing type two diabetes. They’re looking for people that can support them with their trial and they’re encouraging everyone to take their pre-diabetic risk screener. Find out if you’re at risk today.

Run An Empire’s strategy running game is currently being trialled by supporters of their successful kickstarter campaign. They’re also collecting details of all the people clamouring to play their game as soon as they open up their beta version to other players.