28 May 2014

Campus for Mums

By Lily

Yesterday we were at Google Campus to give a pitching workshop to the Campus Mums programme. There were about forty mums in the room and three dads, a very welcome ratio inversion for a tech event. And there were babies everywhere! I had expected a lot more chaos but the format actually worked really well, babies clambered over bean bags and made faces at each other while the parents pitched their businesses and swapped tips. We heard a lot of brilliant pitches and were really impressed by the startups we met. It’s seems like a really great programme, we can’t wait to see what comes out of it!

Here are the top pitching pointers we took away:

  1. As few words on slides as possible – trying to read slides and listen to a pitch is impossible: don’t force your audience to choose.
  2. Learn your pitch off by heart – notes will distract you from connecting with your audience
  3. Don’t forget to put a call to action at the end of your pitch (the nature of this will depend on who you are pitching to and what you want from them)- You’ve got everyone’s attention, make sure you tell them what to do next.
  4. Be Relaxed and tell stories – Relaxing in front of a large group of people is difficult but constructing your pitch around stories can really help.
  5. Try to stay still – pacing around makes it harder for people to concentrate on what you are saying.