22 Sep 2014

Change Alert Update

By Lily

This is a guest post by Martin Stocks, Media Manager at Change Alert.

We started ChangeAlert after caring for a relative who had incontinence. We found out how challenging it is to care for an incontinent relative and realised that there wasn’t a completely effective solution out there.

Care homes use continence pads, which are a great solution as long as they are changed regularly enough. Care homes have the resources to make 4 continence rounds per day, which can leave patients with wet pads for too long. This can lead to serious infections and pressure ulcers. Many patients also find having their pads checked very distressing.

We have developed a product, which solves these problems and can re-define the treatment of incontinence. This is ChangeAlert, which is a moisture sensor that attaches to a continence pad and sends a signal to the carer when they need to be changed. This allows patient’s pads to be changed as soon as they are wet. This minimises the patients’ discomfort and helps to avoid infections and pressure ulcers.

We’re also hard at work developing a display system for care homes, which shows the moisture levels of all the patient’s pads. This will help them to provide a personalised level of care, which previously wasn’t possible.

We’ve worked with our engineer Juan to create a working prototype of ChangeAlert. We are trialling this with incontinent individuals and carer organisations. After the trails we will refine the product and we plan to supply the UK healthcare sector through distributors.

The other week we managed to win The UK Start-Up Tech Competition! We get to go to South Korea to represent the UK at The World Start-Up Competition in November. We’re really excited about that and can’t wait to see what they think of ChangeAlert.

BGV is coming to an end and our demo day is next Thursday (25th Sep). We’ll be pitching ChangeAlert, so if you’re interested we’d love to see you down there. Register for your free ticket here.