29 Oct 2014

ChangeAlert gets ready to take the global startups stage

By Jessica

This is a guest post from Francine McArthur at ChangeAlert 

Since our last update a lot has happened at ChangeAlert. We’ve had lots of requests from interested users, we’ve been growing our community by building links with a number of support groups, and we’re off to Korea next month to represent the UK in the Global Startup Nations Summit (you can vote for us now!).

After the highs of BGV demo day we’ve been very humbled and surprised by the amount of requests we have received from all over the world asking us to send a prototype of our product for their loved ones.

ChangeAlert is a simple warning device which signals when continence pads need changing. We know that incontinence is a big issue for so many people, and the requests we’ve had have motivated us to work even harder to improve our prototype in order to provide caregivers and users exactly what they need.

We’ve joined the Age Action Alliance Organisation, who have helped to spread our news and updates to their members. We have also received a warm welcome and support from Richmond Carers Support group, who have been amazing at reaching unpaid carers to try our initial working prototype. We can not be thankful enough for the support of these organisations.

Last but not least we are very excited! Why? The Startup Nations Summit 2014 is fast approaching and we cannot wait to make our mark in the tech competition. As you may know, we recently won the StartUp Britain competition and the prize is to represent the UK at the Startup Nations Summit in Korea next month. This will help to raise our global profile, and give us the chance to network with other 39 national startup companies around the world.

To win our Co-founders Alberto Munoz and Monica Rodriguez will not only have to pitch to a panel of judges, but 20% of the overall score will depend on the amount of votes we receive online. We would love to gain your support by clicking on the link and voting for Britain (ChangeAlert).

Bringing the first prize home will not only fill us with pride but also get us a step further to give carers and continence pads users a unique and simple solution to ease their every-day life.