10 Feb 2016

Check out our Founder Focus series on the new BGV YouTube channel!

By Ben

Today we’re launching the BGV YouTube channel with a new series of ‘Founder Focus’ films. These are short interviews with our community of tech for good founders, sharing lots of advice and lessons about building successful startups – and we think they’re pretty good.  

The first five videos are live on the channel and star a number of BGV alumni talking about everything from community building to hiring right to raising money to social impact. If you like what you see then make sure you subscribe to the channel, as we’ll release more over the coming months.

The Founder Focus interviews were filmed at BGV Founders’ Days, which we hold twice a year. They’re a chance for past teams to come together to network, talk about any issues they are having, and take part in workshops and talks lead by industry experts.

At each of these Founders’ Days, we interview people to talk around specific themes most important to their impactful businesses. We’ve taken these interviews, packaged them up, and decided to release them to inspire you, but also to give you a sense of what the BGV community is all about.

For the next few months we’ll be featuring a weekly video around one of these themes, on what we’ve imaginatively titled ‘Founder Fridays’.

If you enjoy the videos then please subscribe to the channel and share with your friends. You might just find something that will help your startup grow!