18 Mar 2014

Demo Day 2014 – YOU are invited

By Lily

Do you want to know what everyone at Bethnal Green Ventures has been up to for the last three months? We would like to invite YOU to our Demo Day, where our 9 latest teams will be pitching their brand new ventures. They are…

Andiamo – Using 3D scanning and printing to drastically improve the orthotic services for children

CauseHub – A platform to discuss and discover actions which lead to real change

eBarts – A digital currency, enabling people to buy and sell without money

I Can Make – Fun, educational content for your 3D printer. Made from the iconic objects of history.

Flooting – Points-powered swaps. Get stuff you need, get rid of stuff you don’t. For free.

HearToday – Tech to help hearing impaired children get better access to education

Sentimoto – Wearable sensors for healthy ageing

voXup – Have your say on local issues.

Wall Display – The Digital Classroom Display that motivates students.


Sign up here!

(there will be free pizza and beer)