19 Feb 2016

Founder Friday #2 – Why should startups care about social impact?

By Ben

It’s my favourite time of the week – Founder Friday. This week here at BGV HQ we’ve been talking a lot about impact measurement. Eibhlin Ni Ogain from Nesta came in to talk to the teams about constructing their theory of change and ways to measure their impact. The bigger question of course is why is social impact so important for startups in the first place?

In this week’s Founder Friday film Fran Bennett of Mastodon C, Jamie Druitt from Talklife and Kieron Kirkland from CAST all talk about how social impact is becoming increasingly important to their stakeholders.

Charlotte Sewell, Social Impact Manager at Cook describes how it can often be difficult to decide how broad your impact is going to be, and what metrics you can use to measure your impact.

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