26 Feb 2016

Founder Friday #3 – Building Online Communities

By Ben

It’s Founder Friday yet again! This week we’ve been talking a lot about building online communities, with Jamie from Talklife and Laura and Jussi from Club Soda coming in to deliver a workshop with the teams (read our top tips from the workshop here). To celebrate this, the video we are featuring this week is all about building online communities and keeping them engaged.

John from Overleaf talks about how they reached out to existing communities to build links into their product.

Bram from Wevolver shares how using basic user analytics tools allowed them to see when their users were getting hooked. From there, they built a strategy around trying to get their users to that ‘tipping point’.

Ben from Run an Empire talks about how it’s really important to leverage people that believe in what you do to become advocates for your business.

And Tom from DrDoctor tells us how they adapted their service to make it easy for different types of community users to engage with their product.

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