19 Oct 2015

Green Alley Award finalists announced

By Glen

We’ve been working with the Green Alley Award in Berlin for a few months, looking for some new start-ups across Europe who are participating in the circular economy – work involving reuse, recycling, and general sustainability.

Over 100 applications were received and in just two short weeks, our own Glen Mehn and Vicky Gibbons will travel to Berlin to meet all six finalists, do a days’ work with them, and then select the winner of the Green Alley Award, who will get the benefit of €20,000 in cash and services – including office space in Berlin and access to some excellent networks.

We’ll be in Berlin – come see us

We’re going to be in Berlin in just two weeks – if you’re want to have a chat with us about the next edition of Bethnal Green Ventures get in touch with us on hello@bethnalgreenventures.com and we’ll book some time in with you!

We can’t wait to meet these startups

Without further ado – the finalists for the Green Alley Award 2015 are:

Adaptavate make Breathaboard, a plasterboard alternative is made up to 75 percent from agricultural waste and is fully compostable. (UK)

Binee, a smart bin which optimises the collection of and rewards users for recycling electronic waste. (DE)

Entocycle using human food waste as an input to make sustainable feed for agricultural animals. (UK)

InFarm – make vertical greenhouses to bring the cultivation of fruits and vegetables closer to consumers: supermarkets, restaurants and office buildings. (DE)

Solstrøm Furnitureupcycling recycled PV panels into chic designer office tables that can supply laptops and mobile phones directly with solar power. (DE)

Votechnik A smart, patented solution to remove the toxic elements in LCD recycling in an automated process. (IE)