14 Nov 2019

Introducing: #AskUltra

By Will Spurr

An AI-powered chatbot that teaches entrepreneurship to kids aged 10-14.


Co-founders Julian Hall and Alan Hamilton have transformed the lives of thousands of children through Ultra Education. Through workshops, talks, mentorship and engagement with school curricula, they have taught kids entrepreneurship skills, and in doing so developed children’s resilience, initiative and self-esteem. They now plan to use this experience as a launchpad to teach entrepreneurship at scale. To boost their reach and potential engagement, they’re developing an AI-powered chatbot that will teach kids in a fun and engaging way. 


With #AskUltra kids can talk directly to the chatbot, the chatbot then answers their questions about business and entrepreneurship and can pass them on to a human mentor if they need more help. The chatbot will be able to provide 24/7 advice on a highly-personalised basis.


What is the importance of teaching entrepreneurship to kids? In the first case, it can provide children – especially in underserved communities – with the self-esteem, guidance and skillset to open up new opportunities. With funding for youth services slashed by 40% over the last three years, providing productive diversions for kids outside of school can be a vital service. Teaching these young people that they can both do what they love and choose an entrepreneur’s career can benefit their life chances.


#AskUltra UX


The next stage in #AskUltra’s growth is to enhance the knowledge base of the chatbot. Scaling up from there, they aim to target the UK market through paid parental subscriptions in addition to using their extensive connections to housing associations, youth organisations and councils to provide the product to underprivileged children. Through the chatbot, #AskUltra aims to reach not just hundreds and thousands, but potentially millions of kids worldwide. 


There are several ways to keep up-to-date with #AskUltra: check out the Ultra Education website to learn more about their mission, follow @Ultra_Education on twitter, get in touch with Julian or Alan, or head along to one of their forthcoming events.