28 Nov 2019

Introducing: Circle Squared

By Will Spurr

Helping consumers shop with their values in mind


Sustainability has worked its way to the front of consumer consciousness. A majority of people want to shop sustainably, and three-quarters of Millenials are even willing to pay more for sustainable products and services. The trouble is, it is hard to know just how effective corporate sustainability measures are, especially when relevant information is buried in lengthy sustainability reports. People are lacking hard facts about the sustainability of brands, and brands are lacking scalable feedback about the impact their social responsibility have on customer choices. 


To demystify the world of sustainability reporting, Mark Goldstone developed Circle Squared. Circle Squared presents simple and objective sustainability scores to consumers, who can swipe left or right to show their dis/approval of the company. Companies can then use it to build a factual case to demonstrate the importance of their corporate social responsibility and sustainability efforts. Sustainability scores are broken down into scores for the environment, diversity, giving and supply chain. With this easy-to-read data, consumers are armed with the knowledge of how ethical their favourite brands really are, and enable them to make informed decisions to use their money with their values. 


Circle Squared demo


In the $750m market for environmental and social governance data, Circle Squared is unique. It scrapes and assesses sustainability data from company reports, concisely presents this data to consumers, and then relates their responses back to companies. Their mission is to catalyse genuine transformations within businesses by providing clear evidence that consumers know about – and value – their sustainability record.


To find out more about Circle Squared, you can: watch the video below, check out their website, download the Voice your Values app or find them on LinkedIn.