28 Nov 2019

Introducing: Helsa

By Will Spurr

A platform for LGBTQ+ people to find the therapist they need


There is a large gap between the mental health of LGBTQ+ people and the general population. In addition to well-known mental afflictions such as depression and anxiety, LGBTQ+ people are vulnerable to community-specific minority strains, such as internalised homophobia. As a consequence, LGBTQ+ people are three-to-five times likelier to commit suicide than the general population. 


Rob Curtis and Marc Svensson were frustrated by feeling powerless when they lost friends and acquaintances through suicide or drug overdoses. They were also frustrated that people often don’t know what mental health issues they have or deal with, what support they need, and where they can find support. On the flip side, they knew that several LGBTQ+ specialist therapists are struggling to find people they can help. They created Helsa to overcome these challenges and ensure every LGBTQ+ individual can find the help they need.


Helsa can help bridge the mental health gap faced by LGBTQ+ people’


Helsa is a two-sided marketplace that connects LGBTQ+ people with the appropriate therapist for them through a simple three-step process. Firstly, users can find quizzes and informative materials to help them better understand their mental health. They then apply this information through a matching algorithm that measures the specific wants and needs of a patient against the capacities and specialisms of available therapists. Finally, they facilitate the connection between the patient through a  digital platform.


Helsa are launching their MVP on December 9th. As the Helsa community grows, so too will the number of people they can impact. For each person treated and each crisis averted, Helsa can help bridge the mental health gap faced by LGBTQ+ people. 


Check out the video below to meet the founders. You can also learn more on their website, by following them on @helsahelps, or by getting in touch with Rob and Marc directly.