04 Dec 2019

Introducing: inhabit

By Will Spurr

A sustainability platform, helping people to reduce their environmental impact.


Offset, reduce, change. It’s no secret, the climate is in crisis. Everyone wants to turn the tide on the climate emergency we’re in, but it is hard to know what meaningful actions we can take as individuals. When 100 companies are driving 71% of global emissions, what use is there in cutting out flying, fashion and flatulent farm animals? 


So what can we do? inhabit are trying to provide an answer to just that. Following an episode of Planet Earth, founders Cam, Sam and Holly started to debate how climate-positive individuals could have a large-scale impact. They created inhabit, a platform that cuts down the barriers to entry to living sustainably.



How does inhabit work? inhabit is supported by three pillars; offset, reduce, change. For offsetting, users can pay a subscription to have their approximate carbon footprint offset through UN Gold Standard offsetting schemes. With their carbon-consciences partially cleared (note: they are aware that offsetting is not a silver bullet), users gain access to a community of tips and perks to make the transition and help them live and shop sustainably. The final pillar is change: if people change their habits, corporations will change their practices. A look at the rise of vegan options in the UK shows that when people are willing to swim upstream to follow their values, businesses take note. 


inhabit are launching the first version of their product this December – their offsetting subscription service – whilst also focusing on growing their user-base. By making sustainability more attractive, they believe that they can influence both businesses and consumers.  


Meet the founders in the video below. You can also subscribe to their newsletter, connect with them on LinkedIn, check out their website, or get in touch with Cam, Sam or Holly directly.