13 Nov 2019

Introducing: Mini Mealtimes

By Will Spurr

A family nutrition app 


Mini Mealtimes Logo


Every parent is concerned about what their child is eating: are they getting a healthy, balanced diet? Are they eating enough? Are they eating too much? How to prepare nutritious food that satisfies fussy eaters? Unfortunately, there is good precedent for this concern; according to a 2019 government report, 20% of 10-11-year-old children in the UK are obese, only 18% of children are eating five or more portions of fruits and vegetables each day, and prevalence of poor nutrition are twice as high in the most deprived areas compared to least deprived areas. These statistics are particularly dismal when one considers that early years’ nutrition has a vital lifelong impact. It can affect our baseline health, dietary habits, and bad habits can be passed onto future generations. 

‘Mini Mealtimes provides age-appropriate nutritional information for your children, helpful advice, and a bank of recipes and recommendations’.

Parents often lack the time to pick apart the nutritional content of every meal they prepare. Moreover, hiring a dietician is not financially feasible for most families. Marie Farmer, the founder of Mini Mealtimes, faced the same set of problems after the birth of her son (and early food critic) August. Facing the challenges of providing a healthy diet for her child, she realised that there must be a better way to provide parents with the information they need. Existing early years’ food sites either focused exclusively on recipes or childhood weight-loss, the latter of which may install negative body image issues.



‘They have prioritised creating a judgement-free zone’.

To solve this short-fall, she formed an expert team of dieticians, paediatricians and developers. Together, they created an app that works as a ‘dietician in your pocket’. That is to say, Mini Mealtimes provides age-appropriate nutritional information for your children, helpful advice, and a bank of recipes and recommendations. The recipe section has been particularly popular for its inbuilt freedom to customise meals to fit your child’s tastes. They have also prioritised creating a ‘judgement-free zone’, where parents can be guided and reassured, not guilt-tripped into purchases. 

The MVP for the app has launched, and back-end development work for phase two is in full swing, supported in part by growing monthly revenue from loyal customers. Marie has won Entrepreneurial Barnet, grant funding, crowdfunding, and support from Natwest as part of their Back Her Business campaign. Mini Mealtimes has also received coverage in the BBC, The Times, The Metro and several other publications.

To learn more about Mini Mealtimes, you can: watch the video below, check out their website, follow them @minimealtimesapp on platforms including  Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram, or get in touch with Marie directly.