09 Dec 2019

Introducing: The Ticket Bank

By Will Spurr

A digital platform connecting charities with unused and donated tickets


Steve Rimmer, Nev Mosey and Rachel Boyce support social causes through their ticketing platform, Tickets for Good. They’re now taking this support one step further with the Ticket Bank. The Ticket Bank works like a food bank for tickets. Venues can donate unused or sponsored tickets to the Ticket Bank, which then distributes them to charity partners. Charities, who may otherwise lack the resources to acquire these tickets, can then pass the tickets onto the people they support, and thereby help to boost their mental wellbeing.


The benefits of the Ticket Bank are two-sided. Venues do not want to have vacant seats; empty seats are bad for the atmosphere, for the ongoing success of the acts, and for the on-site takings. On the flipside, people who are receiving support from charities often don’t have access to the kinds of events that could help improve their wellbeing. The Ticket Bank effectively solves both problems, and research with the University of Sheffield has demonstrated that connecting people with tickets significantly reduces levels of depression (watch out for the whole research report to be released soon!)  The Ticket Bank has already distributed over 1,500 tickets, and through this the team have seen the power of social events to positively transform the wellbeing of their recipients. 


Tickets for Good have an existing network of over 50 venue partners and 500 charity partners for the ticket bank to tap into. They are currently working on scaling and automating the Ticket Bank. To learn more, check out the video below. You can also check out the Tickets for Good Ticket Bank website, follow them via @TicketBank, or get in touch with Steve directly.