09 Dec 2019

Introducing: Upskill Me

By Will Spurr

Introducing: Upskill Me

Helping young people develop the skills of the future


65% of children entering primary school today will end up working in completely new job types that don’t yet exist. How can we equip young people for the future of work? Lucy and Suraj have backgrounds in early careers and teaching respectively. From their experience, each drew the conclusion that grades are not an effective indicator of employability, and that students often lack the means to track and communicate the non-academic skills that employers genuinely value. To solve this problem, they developed UpSkill Me, a digital record of achievement for students. 


UpSkill Me partners with schools to support students aged between 13-18. They are granted access to a gamified platform that encourages them to record, track, and showcase their achievements. Students also gain access to a wealth of opportunities; including job openings, courses and events. Finally, schools gain access to analytical tools to measure the progress of their students and take a data-driven approach to their character development. The digital record of achievement is an engaging, accessible tool to help students develop the durable skills that will support them in the future of work. 


The UpSkill Me team are on track in building a platform that ensures young people are equipped with the skills for a fairer future of work. Watch the video below to meet the founders. You can also check out their website, follow them on twitter via @getupskillme or get in touch with Upskill Me directly.