03 Jul 2019

Introducing Will – our latest addition to the team

By Will Spurr

Hi all, my name is Will and I’m thrilled to join BGV as a Communications and Events Intern! 

My route into the world of tech for good investing was fittingly indirect, atypical, and filled with a few interesting stop-offs en route. 

My first foray into the working world was through university – I was studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Warwick when I started to dip my toes into student media. I gained a penchant for writing, editing, podcasting and several other eclectic and creative means of avoiding my college textbooks. I managed to escape Warwick for a year to the sunnier climes of Southern France, specifically Sciences Po Aix-en-Provence. Here I found the time to publish a book concerning my research into the Colombian peace process, and set up a youth organisation to build connections between young people in Europe and Central Asia, the Central Asia Forum, through an annual conference and a web-publication.

Upon graduation, I took up a second scholarship to go back to Colombia and undertake a new research project. Whilst I was milling around various archives and libraries in Bogotá, I was looking for ways by which I could combine my experience and skills with a desire to work effectively towards generating a positive impact on the world around me. To make a start at this, I took up a research and communications internship at the UNDP’s Private Sector policy centre in Istanbul (by this time, my air-miles were probably undermining my high-minded goals…) and got to work learning and articulating the myriad ways in which private sector resources, know-how and dynamism are vital in the race to overcome the challenges facing humanity. I also saw how the crucial step in scaling effective solutions is to connect impact-minded capital with impact-generating projects, neither of which are in short supply. To tackle this, the impact investing ecosystem needs effective go-betweens, and so my next step was to move from the ivory tower of international governance towards the fast-paced world of tech for good investing, wherein I could find my small place in the drive to step-up impact-oriented capital from billions to trillions

BGV is the ideal home for me to start my journey, I love the range and depth of their portfolio – from ingenious solutions to gamify exercise, as with Run an Empire, to smart platforms for sparking civic engagement in the face of increasing social fragmentation, as with Firesouls. So far I have loved meeting the teams on the current programme, and I am buzzing to learn everything I can about the vibrant world of tech for good start-ups. 

In my role as a Communications and Events Intern, I will be responsible for helping to amplify the presence of BGV and their portfolio companies in the London start-up scene, as well as supporting the tasks associated with delivering BGV’s stellar programme of meetups, (un)conferences and Demo Days. My first large project to get underway is a series of interviews, films, and podcasts with the founders of the BGV portfolio companies. I’ve had to brush up on my editing skills, and I’m really looking forward to getting some interviews under my belt. Here’s a snippet of the introductory podcast to (hopefully) whet your appetite for the forthcoming series.

I’m really happy to be a part of this dynamic team, and if you want to get in touch concerning anything from our excellent portfolio to forthcoming events and communiqués, don’t hesitate to drop me a line!