13 Nov 2018

Launching LDN_LAB: Deep Tech for Good

By Vicky

Yesterday we launched Chapter 2 at LDN_LAB, focused on using Deep Tech for Good.

LDN_LAB is Facebook’s in-house startup programme based in the heart of it’s engineering HQ in London. Facebook have partnered with us to help design and deliver the programme. Our partnership is a unique opportunity to combine BGV’s knowledge in supporting Tech for Good ventures, with Facebook’s expertise across product, marketing and technology. We’re excited to see Facebook commit time, talent and resources to the Tech for Good movement in the UK.

Harnessing ‘deep tech’ for Good

This programme is focused on supporting startups who are harnessing the power of deep technology to create positive social impact. By ‘deep tech’, we’re referring to the use of artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, blockchain and voice recognition, to name a few. When we say ‘for good’, we’re referring to startups with a core mission to address social challenges and have a transformational impact on millions of lives.

Meet the teams

Synthesized: unlocking the full potential of data whilst protecting people’s privacy. They generate synthetic data that statistically mimics original data, whilst keeping the original data locked down.

Serelay: building the industry standard for trusted media capture. Serelay is a camera app that uses proprietary algorithms to automatically verify photos when taken.

Vault: a blockchain startup that allows employees to record and report misconduct in the workplace, such as instances of bullying and harassment.

Curvestone: in collaboration with Tutorfair, democratising education for underprivileged children via their mobile platform. They provide free, instant access to GCSE maths tuition.

Hello Lamp Post: a public engagement platform to help governments and city planners to co-design cities with their citizens.

Eastnine: making people healthier through a digital training platform and audio coaching.

CoGrammar: addressing the tech skills gap and unemployment crisis in South Africa by harnessing the need for human code review.

If you’d like to find out more about LDN_LAB and our partnership with Facebook, then get in touch.