15 Mar 2016

Logameal: Nurturing healthier eating habits just by taking pictures of your meals.

By Guest

In the leadup to Demo Day we are profiling each of the nine teams currently going through the BGV programme. For this post, we spoke with Guillermo and Roberto from Logameal, two brothers who have created a smartphone application helping people develop healthier eating habits – just by taking pictures with their smartphone.

What’s the problem you are trying to solve?

Guillermo: Bad nutrition!

Roberto: Exactly – and everything that goes with that, the personal effects, and health effects on the population as a whole.

Guillermo: There are all sorts of problems that are linked to eating poorly, from diabetes to Alzheimer’s.

Roberto: …and around 8% of deaths in Europe annually (or 1 in 13) have been linked to being overweight or obese.

What’s your solution?

Guillermo: When you’re aware of your habits, you are able to reflect on them and have a conscious understanding of how they are impacting your life. That’s why when you go to a nutritionist the first thing they’ll tell you to do is keep a food diary.

Roberto: Our application is quite simple. You take a photo of your food, the app recognises your food using some clever tech and gives you a score based on how healthy that food is. Your meals are then compiled into a visual food diary that lets you track how healthily you’re eating.

What’s your experience with that problem?

Guillermo: When I was younger I ate quite poorly. Although I was never clinically obese I was overweight and I didn’t like it. I didn’t like the way it made me feel about myself, and I noticed the effect it had on my life.

I got fed up and decided to do something about it. I went to the University of Westminster and got a bunch of tests done. I got a lot of data about myself and how my body uses energy. I was shocked at what I found out about the effect your food can have on your physical health.

How will this impact the lives of millions of people?

Guillermo: If we can help people develop healthier eating habits that has a number of effects… less people submitted to the NHS (and global) health services due to nutrition related health illnesses and less people dying prematurely due to poor nutrition.

On a more personal level, we’d like to see millions of people feeling happier and healthier as a result of using the app.

How can people get involved?

Roberto: There’s a number of ways. Download the Logameal iPhone app and give it a try – it’s available for free on the iTunes app store now – and be sure to tell your friends who might be interested in the app.

Guillermo: Also, if people are interested in partnering with us, then get in touch.

Website: Logameal
Twitter: @logameal
Instagram: @logameal
Email: hello@logameal.com