31 Dec 2020

Meet our Autumn 2020 teams: CompAir

By Will Spurr

In 2020 – few uplifting sentences start like this – we’ve become acutely aware of invisible airborne dangers. However, the threat goes beyond pathogens. 9,000 Londoners die each year due to prolonged exposure to air pollution. Guy and Mike, founders of CompAir have made it their mission to protecting communities and improving industry through air pollution monitoring. CompAir allows industries and communities to measure and manage their impact on local air pollution more effectively. 

How does it work? CompAir installs a network of air pollution sensors at key sites of pollution as well as in nearby houses, schools and community centres. These provide real-time swarm data to air pollution levels. If air pollution levels reach dangerous levels, people can make quick decisions to reduce harmful impacts. For example, a construction worker may opt to take polluting work off-site. Or a family may be nudged to open a window when cooking raises CO2 levels too high. The first example can help companies avoid expensive shutdowns due to dangerous emissions, and the latter can contribute to the mitigation of long term health impacts from poor air quality. 

If you live close to a construction site, you may be able to get a pollution tracker for free. To keep up with CompAir’s progress, you can check out their website.

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