04 Jan 2021

Meet our Autumn 2020 Teams: LifeLessons

By Will Spurr

Introducing: Life Lessons

Life Lessons is an online platform that supports the teaching of relationships and sex education (RSE). It works by collating content that brings RSE to life, including frank, judgement-free stories about real-life experiences. The Life Lessons web platform features a full curriculum of original video content with assessment and discussion tools. Topics include sex and relationships, mental health, racial discrimination, bullying and body image.

Life Lessons was created by education experts Nicole Rodden and Jaime O’Connell (for any recent graduates, Jaime co-founded the Student Room). They perceived a shortfall in the provision of RSE in the UK: whilst the provision of RSE is mandatory in UK schools, it suffers from a shortage of training and resources for RSE teachers. This has a direct impact on the wellbeing students: children that are taught RSE make better-informed decisions with respect to sexual and relational wellbeing. Unfortunately, the converse is true, inadequate RSE can harm children. For example, a recent survey for BBC Three found that 55% of men said porn had been their main source of sex education. To help address this, Life Lesson is equipping RSE teachers with the skills, content and tools they need to level-up their RSE teaching. 

You can keep up with Life Lessons, perhaps even helping them by adding your own stories, by heading to their website. You can also follow them on LinkedIn and Instagram.