05 Jan 2021

Meet our Autumn 2020 teams: ThirdShift

By Will Spurr

Introducing: ThirdShift

If women around the world were paid minimum wage for their presently unpaid labour, they would have made $10.9 trillion in total. For perspective, that’s approximately twice the value of the UK’s total GDP. One barrier (of many) to recognising the value of this work is its lack of visibility. ThirdShift aims to bridge the visibility gap whilst also providing tools to help families fairly manage their household work. 

How does ThirdShift work? Firstly, participants take a short quiz to ascertain how much housework they do, how they spend their time doing it, and the economic value of their work. They’re encouraged to take the quiz with their partners or housemates to better understand how the burden of domestic work is balanced – often even well-meaning partners simply aren’t aware of the work done by others. Findings from the quiz are then used to help users to manage and balance their domestic workload and relieve the stress and mental load associated with it. More broadly, the findings can contribute towards addressing the gender data gaps and inequalities that still exist at work and home.

You can learn more about ThirdShift on their website and blog. You can also keep up with them on LinkedIn. Their app is currently in development, so if you would like to be a founding user, be sure to sign up. Finally, if you would like to understand how domestic tasks are split in your household, don’t forget to take their quiz.