12 Aug 2020

Meet our Spring 2020 teams: Breathe Happy

By Will Spurr

Allow us to introduce you to the awesome teams who completed our Spring 2020 programme.

Next from the cohort; Breathe Happy, who provide inclusive virtual yoga classes.



The Founders 

Shiti Rastogi Manghani and Radhika Dimri are the founders behind Breathe Happy. Shiti, who has a background in innovation and brand management for major food retailers, brings her expertise to marketing and business development for Breathe Happy. Radhika, with previous experience in the social enterprise sector, focuses on product development and operations.  


What’s the problem they are tackling? 

Sedentary lifestyles are harmful to our health. We may be living longer, but our lives are punctuated by chronic conditions and mental health afflictions. Practicing yoga is a scientifically-supported means of improving one’s health and wellbeing. The benefits can be particularly transformational for older people, who often feel excluded from yoga due to lack of mobility, confidence and cost, which has only been exacerbated by the current COVID-19 crisis. Breathe Happy alleviates these barriers for all users by providing personalised virtual yoga classes from expert teachers. 


Shiti and Radhika


How does it work? 

Breathe Happy is an online yoga platform that connects users directly to top instructors from the home of yoga – India. They offer personalised yoga programs to suit your health needs and goals, and a community of fellow learners sharing their progress in a safe and welcoming environment. A quick look at the testimonials on their page shows the impact this has on their customer’s quality of life. Looking to the future, Breathe Happy is developing the tools to provide AI-assisted posture correction using computer vision and innovative functionalities to create real-time insights for remote yoga teachers. 


How are they getting on? 

They’ve already reached thousands of people through online events they’ve hosted, and they’re focusing on growing their network of users. They recently partnered with several high-profile figures in the world of yoga for a webinar as part of the UN International Day of Yoga and working hard on making their platform more inclusive and accessible. 


How can you get involved?

  • They’re looking for expertise in driving their user acquisition and are keen to build connections amongst health and wellness tech investment networks.
  • You can join them on the mat by booking a class!


Breathe Happy in action