19 Aug 2020

Meet our Spring 2020 teams: Resilience Energy

By Will Spurr

Keeping the lights on: meet Resilience Energy, the Spring 2020 tech for good startup helping homeowners turn their properties into mini renewable power stations (and earn money doing so).


The Founder

Loic Hares brings his extensive experience in the energy sector to his role as CEO and founder of Resilience Energy.


What’s the problem being solved? 

25% of global emissions come from creating electricity and heat. Most people have little influence in the energy mix that powers their homes. Resilience Energy is targeting housing associations and social landlords to transform their properties into self-sufficient renewable energy power stations for their residents. This cuts costs, emission and air pollution, and their smart API has the capacity to provide savings for occupants – especially tenants facing fuel poverty. 


How does it work? 

Resilience Energy provides the intelligence needed to transform homes into renewable mini-power stations. Their smart platform connects easily via API to renewable energy production and consumption. It then learns, optimises and allows users to monetise their renewable energy capacity. 

Loic HaresHow do they make money?

The Resilience Energy algorithm calculates and predicts your energy needs based on timings, habits and external conditions (namely the weather). When the energy you create exceeds the energy you use, Resilience Energy sells the surplus to the national grid and shares the revenue with the homeowner. 


How are they getting on? 

They are currently trialling their product with major social landlords. They have an upcoming pilot with 80 homes in Telford this September and are ready to scale rapidly thereafter. 


How can you get involved?

Resilience Energy is building connections with developers, social housing landlords and homeowners to grow their user base. They’re also on the lookout for like-minded clean energy investors. Finally, they host a monthly Facebook live chat to answer any questions people have around all things energy.



Banner photo credits: George Kedenberg III – Unsplash.