26 Aug 2020

Meet our Spring 2020 teams: Silver Sharers

By Will Spurr

Meet the Spring 2020 team connecting the dots between a housing shortage, a spare-room surplus and a crisis of loneliness.



The Founders

Suzanne Noble is a serial social entrepreneur with a background in public relations. She is also an over-50s influencer, who has been featured in several national and international publications. She’s joined by Steve Glasper, who is Silver Sharer’s head of product. He has extensive experience in product and brand management in property-focused startups and scale-ups. 


What’s the problem being solved? 

Cities like London endure dual crises of loneliness and housing insecurity. In the first instance, people over the age of 50 are quite likely to be ‘empty nesting’. As adult children move away, and partners either separate or pass on, thousands of people find themselves living alone. In the UK, 6 million people have two or more spare rooms, 1.2 million of these live in London


The story of housing insecurity – especially in cities like London – is already well-known. For example, more than eight million people are living in unsuitable housing. A move towards lodging could go a long way towards relieving pressure on the housing market, as well as facilitating countless new friendships and companionships. 


How does it work? 

Silver Sharers matches people over 50 with spare rooms to prospective lodgers. The product has been developed out of a successful newsletter, which features houses available for lodgers. To make sure hosts and lodgers are good matches, Silver Sharers developed a series of questions covering attitudes to factors that help or hinder harmonious cohabitation. 


How do they make money?

Silver Sharers currently charges a listing fee. Along with rebranding and rebuilding their platform, they will shortly be moving to a commission based model creating features that build trust and security into the homeowner/lodger relationship.


How are they getting on? 

Over 800 people have sought their help in finding accommodation, and over 100 have listed properties with them. At the time of writing, they’ve successfully connected around 50 lodgers with hosts. Their lead priority at the moment is developing the technology and branding behind a forthcoming iteration of the product to tap into an even bigger market. 


How can you get involved? 

Silver Sharers are building their advisory board and would value insights on how best to expand their revenue options. More importantly, think of the over-50s in your lives that may be open to sharing their house, making ends meet and making new friends. 


Banner photo credits: Chris Ross Harris – Unsplash