12 Aug 2020

Meet our Spring 2020 Teams: Spareable

By Will Spurr

Now we’ve finished the Spring 2020 programme, allow us to introduce the awesome teams that brought us so much hope in an otherwise quite miserable start to 2020.

First up, Spareable, the team enabling foodbank donations to go further, and for foodbanks to secure precisely what they need.



The Founders 

Masitano Sichone and Abdul-Ahmed Olumide connected at Newcastle University. Whilst researching and volunteering at a local food bank, they realised that the donation system needed a reboot. With backgrounds in software development and business and financial management, they set out to do just that. 


How does it work? 

The Spareable app allows food banks to show what donations they need and supercharges donations by purchasing items in bulk directly from wholesalers. Not only can donors be confident their donations are meeting direct needs more effectively, they also have a streamlined process to manage volunteers in person when extra hands are needed. 


What problem are they tackling? 

Food poverty is widespread in the UK, and anyone can be affected. At the same time, food banks struggle to get sufficient quantities of appropriate donations at the right time. Standard food bank donations often also lack the cost efficiency of bulk purchasing. 


How do they make money?

They charge a five per cent commission on donations.  Spareable’s market research indicates that users are willing to pay this fee in the knowledge that their donations will go further than they would through other channels. 


Spareable Founders


How are they getting on? 

As of July 2020, they’ve onboarded 2,066 users, who in turn have provided over £16,000 in donations, which add up to 9,985kgs in deliveries to food banks. They’re currently releasing version 2.0 of their app, promising awesome new features, functions and tools. 


How can you get involved?

Download the app and join the fight against hunger today. 

Spareable Logo 400x400


Banner Image Credits: nrd, Unsplash.