26 Aug 2020

Meet our Spring 2020 teams: Troglo

By Will Spurr

It’s time to meet our Class of Spring 2020 tech for good teams. Next up: Troglo, the platform helping users keep track of their sexual and mental health.



The Founder


Josh Armistead-Wood created Troglo with a vision to broaden access to the tools needed to maintain their sexual well-being. The design of the platform is informed by Josh’s background in biological sciences. As a queer founder and entrepreneur, Josh is keen to help improve access to support around sexual health and emotional wellbeing. 

Josh is joined by Alex and Chris: Alex is leading the architecture & development of technology at Troglo, including ensuring the impact is scalable. Alex has a background in security, privacy, and the application of technology to empower users. Chris is currently responsible for product development and creative direction at Troglo, which includes building and marketing the brand, and overseeing the business and creative strategy.


What’s the problem being solved? 


Access to sexual and mental health support is both limited and unequal. This is particularly true for LGBTQIA+ individuals, who, due to systemic societal issues, are more likely to suffer from mental illnesses or sexually transmitted diseases than other communities. The support available is heavily dependent on geography, wealth and cultural acceptance. Troglo aims to address these problems head on.


How does it work? 


Troglo is a sexual health behavioural analytics platform that works to facilitate improved decision making for individuals whilst helping healthcare providers to better deploy their resources to minimise the social and economic impact of poor sexual health and wellbeing. 


The app provides a user-friendly and secure way for people to log their sexual activities, including notes on the risk level and emotional response in each encounter. Troglo uses this data to provide insights uniquely tailored to that individual, which can help them better understand the relationship between their sexual activity and their mental health. On a larger scale, this can help the provision of effective support as well as helping to stem the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. 


troglo logo-pink

Troglo’s logo



How will they make money?


Troglo is currently building partnerships with local health authorities, which involves licensing out Troglo’s platform and integrating it with services – for example, allowing users to book sexual health tests through the platform, or communicating securely with care providers. This can be particularly valuable for members of the LGBTQIA+ community, as they may feel uncomfortable accessing services through conventional means, or may require a level of anonymity that is otherwise unavailable. 


In the longer term, Troglo is planning to use anonymised data from their platform to create higher-level insights for health authorities to better understand the prevalence and spread of sexually transmitted diseases and provide better more accessible services. 


How are they getting on? 


So far, Troglo has run a beta trial of their product. User testing from this process is informing and guiding the development of the Troglo platform, with the 2.0 version of the product set to launch in late September. One key learning from the testing and iteration process is the value of unique experiences to users; namely providing insights that are directly relevant to their sexual and mental health.  


How can you get involved?


Troglo’s main priority is to build strong partnerships with relevant organisations – from Universities to charities – to ensure that they can provide as much benefit as possible to their users. 

More broadly, people can help by challenging unhelpful taboos around discussing sexual and mental health, and encouraging people to better understand the relationships between risk, sexual activity and emotional wellbeing. 

The waitlist for Troglo is now open. Make sure to follow them on Instagram to keep track of their progress. 


Banner photo credits: Chris from Troglo