06 Sep 2019

Meet the Founder: Rapitation

By Will Spurr

Rapitation combines rap, spoken word poetry, and mindfulness into one app to help young people take control over their mental health. 

‘Wake up, love more’. I remember hearing South London poet/rapper Kate Tempest conclude her visceral set with that line. Artists like Tempest help reach across class, age, race and geographical fractures to speak directly to people who need to hear these words. The right words to create self-understanding and presence are needed now more than ever. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death for people aged 15-29, and mental health issues nationwide are becoming a crisis. Mindfulness is an effective way to manage one’s mental health, and spoken word can be a great vehicle for spreading its reach. 

“Self-care [is] overwhelmingly marketing to white middle-class women”.

Through her first business founder Ariana Alexander-Sefre has over eight years experience in the wellness industry. She noticed that self-care was overwhelmingly marketing to white middle-class women. However, with men, she saw the need for the market to change focus. Spoken word and rap are fantastic vehicles for self-expression and understanding, and are a medium better engaged with by young people. As such, she devised a multi-faceted business plan that would combine immersive experiences, courses, and a digital platform. 

Rapitation draws upon the founding team’s extensive connections within the UK urban music scene and therein provides an invaluable step-up for young artists. To face the anxieties of modern life, Rapitation is a timely and unique arrival. Whether it helps people avoid breaking point, or whether it simply helps people discover a better sense of ‘now’, Rapitation has a huge potential to transform young people’s lives for the better.

Hear Ariana in conversation in the podcast below and find out how you can get involved!

To learn more about support services available and how you can reach out for help, see the Samaritans website, or call them at 116 123. 

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