29 Jul 2019

Meet the Founders: Musemio

By Will Spurr

Meet Olga and Kaitlin – the dynamic duo behind Musemio, a virtual reality educational platform that empowers children to explore arts and culture through playing. 

Whether through isolation, inequality, funding shortfalls or simply a relatable aversion to poking around musky museums for endless hours; there are far too many reasons why many children do not receive an adequate cultural education. The negative impacts of a lack of cultural capital can haunt a child throughout their life – and serve to perpetuate the problem for future generations.

“Education must drive the technology, and not vice versa”

Seeking to shatter this cycle is Musemio; a virtual reality educational platform, aimed at 8-12 year-olds, that aims to empower children to explore arts and culture in the way they enjoy the most, by playing. Kids just need a smartphone and a cardboard headset to be transformed away from classroom monotony to exploring – say – ancient Egypt, where they can use art and artefacts from partner museums to carry out a quest and save the day for the Pharaoh. 

The 3000+ children, schools, and parents that founders Olga Kravchenko and Kaitlin Fritz sought out to test Musemio have helped to shape the product – and the product has been met by boundless enthusiasm across the board. But the driving force behind Musemio’s development remains a dedication to pedagogical excellence, Kaitlin is keen to emphasise that “education must drive the technology, and not vice versa”. Musemio is also unique amongst BGV’s portfolio insofar as they have an 11 year-old in their C-suite – a ‘Chief Kid Officer’ charged with keeping them on their creative toes (my application was apparently lost in the post). 

As an all-female founder team; Olga and Kaitlin have encountered and overcome the pitfalls of a male-dominated start-up world, and are an excellent example of what is possible when a great idea meets world-class execution. They have both gone from strength-to-strength as part of the BGV cohort, and their excellence has been recognised through being awarded, amongst other prizes; UCL Launch Winner 2018, XcitED’s Top 50 Global Startups in Edtech, and Fareena Baig Social Enterprise Award; additionally, Olga has been selected for Sky’s prestigious Women in Tech Scholarship Scheme.

Musemio have a world-class product for expanding access to cultural education at scale, as such, it is brimming with potential for social impact. Olga and Kaitlin have formed a vital part of BGV’s vibrant Spring 2019 programme, keep track of their exciting next steps here



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