23 Oct 2019

Meet Yumi, our new Operations and Insights Manager

By Yumi Tsoy

Hi everyone, 

This is Yumi here and I’ve just joined BGV as Operations and Insights Manager! I will be working with portfolio companies to analyse performance and will also be supporting BGV with its operational activities to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.  

As for many people, my journey into impact investment was not exactly direct, but if I was to pinpoint an important milestone, I would choose my masters degree in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management at Imperial College London. Imperial was a full immersion into the world of tech and innovation. A typical lunch break could involve sitting next to a keen engineering student deconstructing a phone, while in the evenings, I often went to events like the Venture Catalyst Challenge, where entrepreneurs pitched low-cost prosthetics, cancer diagnostics platforms and more sustainable construction materials (and many other amazing things!). Seeing others solve important challenges convinced me that I should be doing the same and so I started exploring the startup world to see what I could do to help. 

My initial search led me to Futurelearn, an online social learning platform from the Open University. After a short stint there, I landed a job at The Bakery where I researched emerging markets and sourced early-stage companies for large corporates, such as AXA and P&G. No day was quite the same as it could easily sway between analysing mental health companies for children and writing a report on the newest sleep technologies. For me, there was nothing more exciting than diving deep into a problem and in a short period of time, coming out with novel insights and practical solutions with the potential to make a big impact. This might be a small clue as to why the role at BGV looked like such an amazing opportunity. It also helped that out of the hundreds of tech for good companies that I’ve talked to, a large number came from BGV, which firmly confirmed in my mind that BGV is doing something unique. 

Whether you are part of the BGV portfolio or the tech for good community in general, I am looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible and learning more about what you do. Please feel free to drop me a line if you would like to chat or have ideas on how we could work together to make the most out of your data – I’m always up for a coffee!