16 Mar 2016

Mycarematters: Giving professionals the non-medical information they need about a person to provide better care.

By Guest

In the runup to Demo Day we are profiling each of the nine teams that are currently going through the BGV programme. Today we chat to Zoe Harris, to tell us more about Mycarematters – a secure platform to record your non-medical data that health professionals can access to ensure you get the best standard of care.

What’s the problem you are trying to solve?

People who are not able to communicate have vastly worse outcomes in hospital than those who can. This means longer hospital stays, slower recovery times and less likelihood of them being able to return home. There are a number of studies showing that costs decrease, the satisfaction of providers and patients increases and quality of care improves when you consider the whole person and not just the medical condition for which they are in hospital.

Nurses spend an average of 100 minutes trying to research basic information like dietary requirements. There’s currently no quick and easy way to access this information from people who may not be able to communicate, and this is what I’m trying to address.

What’s your solution?

It’s an incredibly simple one. Mycarematters is a place where people can upload the non-medical information they want healthcare professionals to know about them. The person is in control of what information they share, and it takes medical staff just a couple of minutes to access this information if the person is admitted to hospital.

What’s your experience with the problem?

My husband lived with dementia for a number of years before he passed away and whilst he was in a care home I created a chart to go on the wall to communicate his needs and preferences. In the light of that experience I set up a social enterprise called Care Charts UK and versions of that chart are now in use in almost 1,000 care homes. If that information had been available to hospital staff on the occasions he was admitted his experience could have been vastly improved.

How do you see this impacting the lives of millions of people?

At first we are looking for people with dementia or those who care for them to use the platform, but it has potential value for a much broader group than that. If we are successful, millions of people will experience better quality of care as well as reducing the cost to the taxpayer by reducing the average length of stay and the level of care people require on discharge.

How can people get involved?

Firstly by raising awareness amongst people they may know who might make use of Mycarematters, either as an individual or a healthcare professional. And secondly by mentioning us to anyone with passion, drive and a desire to make a difference who may like to join our team as we get ready to scale.

Email: zoe@mycarematters.org

Website: http://mycarematters.org/

Twitter: @mycarematters