27 Mar 2017

New funding for Bethnal Green Ventures

By Paul Miller

We’re very pleased to be able to announce new funding for Bethnal Green Ventures from Big Society Capital, Nesta and Nominet Trust. The news snuck out in the Telegraph at the weekend. We were going to do a photo op with one of those massive cardboard cheques but apparently you can’t actually cash them. Who knew? Anyway, here’s the press release.

The funding itself isn’t the thing of course – it’s what it enables us to do. In this case it helps us invest in more and more early stage tech for good ventures through our accelerator programme and to back them for longer in their journeys with follow-on investment and support. It also helps us to grow our team and operations. We even pushed the boat out and bought some new post-it notes.

It means a lot to us that our founding partners Nesta and Nominet Trust agreed to back us further – after all they’re the people who know best what we do and how well we do it. And we’re really glad to now be working with Big Society Capital who play such an important role in the impact investing world more widely. We’re looking forward to working with them all more as we grow.