24 Jun 2016

Onwards and upwards

By Glen

Almost six years ago Paul sent me an email saying “We might need some help taking BGV and Social Innovation Camp forward”, which led to me and Anna Maybank drinking about 162 cups of tea over the next two months and building a business plan and a business case. I’ve had the chance to do some pretty brilliant things in my life here – rafting in the Nile headwaters, presenting to millions of people about how social innovation works for UNDP at the Social Good Summit, running an innovation weekend during the revolution in Egypt, speaking at the House of Lords… the list goes on, and I often have these moments of wondering “How did someone like me get here?”.

The last almost-six years have been a whirlwind of amazing people and things – having a chance to work with all of BGV’s amazing startups, our inspiring and tireless mentors, the partners and funders who have made it all possible, and the BGV team and board. Anna, Anna, Jess, Lily, Melanie, Paul, and Vicky – you people are brilliant.

All good things must come to an end, however – BGV is at an exciting, pivotal time, and after much thought and soul-searching, I don’t think I’m one of the right people to take it forward. I’m going to go and work at Nesta heading up the effort to increase innovation in development.

I’m going to be around as a BGV mentor, however, and I couldn’t leave BGV in more capable hands than with Anna, Jess, Melanie, Paul, and Vicky – plus whoever they hire.

I’ll be @gmehn on most things (or @glenmehn if they require a longer-than-5-character name thing) or at the bar.