26 Aug 2014

Open Hardware is on the up

By Lily

Guest blog from Bram Geenen, co-founder of Wevolver

At Wevolver, our mission is to empower makers to turn ideas into reality. We are a group of driven open hardware makers from design, software and engineering backgrounds. We share a passion for open source technology and the commitment to grow the maker movement.

Over the last few years, the open source software movement has shown that creating and sharing in an open way sparks innovation, empowers developers and makes technology more accessible. We think now is the time to open source hardware.

The open hardware movement is growing. Advancements in affordable and open source manufacturing technologies, such as 3D printing, have enabled more and more people to both imagine and manufacture products.

We think that democratising technology is important, because it enables innovation, collaboration and wider access. We want to empower people to use this technology to tackle social and sustainable issues that are not addressed by corporations or governments. Developing technology from the bottom up enables individuals  to access knowledge and improve skills, and it creates a pool of information useful for developing and understanding technology.

So we have built a platform to explore inspiring open source projects, such as InMoov, the 3D printable robot, and to upload your own. You can share blueprints of your work and collaborate with others. We are  currently in Beta and have a growing number of projects on the website, which you can see here, from a fast charging bluetooth speaker to an open source Segway. And are looking for more! So if you have an hardware project, something you want help on, or simply want to share your brilliant idea with the world please sign up on our website.