23 Jan 2015

Sh*t just got real

By Jessica

It’s week two of our Winter ‘15 accelerator programme and sh*t just got real. After throwing back-to-back workshops and talks at the startups in week one, week two is about getting down to business as the clock starts ticking down to the end of the programme.

This week we saw the teams knuckle down and start tackling the steps they need to go through in order to achieve the goals they’ve set for the next 12 weeks – and at this early stage the first step for most teams is to get out and find and talk to users.

This week we also settle into the weekly rhythm of the accelerator programme, with certain points during the week where we bring teams together.

On Mondays we put on a hearty lunch for everyone and we do team updates. This is an opportunity for people to share what they’ve achieved over the past week, what they’re tackling in the week ahead, and, importantly, what help they need along the way.

This Monday a lot of the teams also came to our Tech For Good Meetup, to meet other people interested in using technology for social good and provide a bit of inspiration for some of the ‘tech for good’ startups of tomorrow.

On Wednesdays the teams gather, again over food, for our weekly Founder Confidential talks. Here the teams get to meet with experienced founders and investors to have a candid chat under Chatham House rules. This week we were joined by the brilliant Martijn Verburg and Kirk Pepperdine from jClarity who provided plenty of food for thought around the realities of working with investors and founder dynamics in a growing startup.

On Friday afternoons during the first half of the programme there will be additional workshops, and in the second half of the programme we’ll dedicate this time to pitch practice. Today we’re joined by KPMG who will be covering the all important, often grey area, of startup pay and reward.

In addition to these set sessions each team has a 1:1 office hour with members of the BGV team, which we treat as mini board meetings, to monitor progress and determine how the BGV community can best help with any challenges the teams are facing.

Ready, set, go – two weeks down, only ten left to go!