11 Oct 2019

SOCAP19 – we’re hosting a panel on the future of work

By Nelly Lavielle

Next week, we’re headed to San Francisco to run a session at SOCAP, the biggest annual conference on impact investing in the world. Every year, SOCAP brings together thousands of impact investors, entrepreneurs and social impact leaders from all over the world around amazing talks, networking opportunities and delicious street food. 

We’re thrilled to host a session with a panel to explore the impact of technologies on  worker voice and empowerment. 

Why did we choose this topic? At BGV, we strongly believe in the power of technology to bring about positive social change. The pace and scale of technological change, combined with the movement of different generations in and out of the workforce, is disrupting labour markets and fundamentally altering the future of work with the world of work failing too many. That’s why over the past three years we’ve been working with Resolution Trust and Accenture to invest in ventures using technology that create a fairer future of work for all. For this session at #SOCAP19, we’re interested in exploring the power of technology, particularly in cases that increase the bargaining power of workers and make flexibility beneficial for workers, not just the employers. 

We’ve put together a panel of incredible entrepreneurs, investors and changemakers who will talk about how we can and should invest and innovate in the future of work. Joining us are:

So come join us on 23rd October at 1pm at SOCAP19. If you’d like to meet in or outside of SOCAP while we’re in the Bay Area, please get in touch!