09 Sep 2015

Startup profile: Cove

By Jessica

In the run up to BGV Demo Day on 16th September we’re profiling the 10 startups on our summer accelerator programme. In today’s instalment Ivor Williams from Humane Engineering tell us about Cove app.

What’s the big problem you’re trying to solve? 

Simply put, we believe that most people could improve their emotional health. This means having a good relationship with your emotions, and being able to handle the challenges life throws at us.

One particular group of people we feel need this support are young people. It’s really difficult growing up, and having a space to privately express how you feel can be tricky. It can be particularly difficult for young people experiencing the loss of a loved one. They can isolate themselves from friends and families, and people around them can find it hard to connect.

What’s your solution? 

As the late Oliver Sacks put it, music is not a luxury: its a necessity. We believe that music is essential to living a good life, and moreover that it can help people express themselves in a powerful, unique way. So we built an app called Cove to allow people to easily create music that helps improve their emotional health.

Cove is a musical journal that you create yourself. You can use it to capture your mood or express how you really feel. You create your own simple, beautiful music loops, save them to your library or share with someone else.

Cove is a beautiful and enjoyable app, created with young people in mind. We believe Cove can help break down emotional health stigmas that stop young people from asking for help or just connecting with people.

What’s your experience with that problem? 

As co-founders, both Alex and myself both share the bitter experience of losing friends when we were younger. We both wanted to help those who had similar experiences, and with our design and tech backgrounds, we wanted to build something that responded to the needs of 21st century people.

Since we started, we’ve connected with lots of specialists and professionals around the UK, US and Canada to build a product that can fit perfectly into professional settings, so that Cove can be used in a meaningful way.

How will this impact the lives of millions? 

There are around six million young people in the UK who have experienced bereavement of someone close to them. We believe there is a huge gap in the market to create products that can support people as they go through difficult periods of life. With the support of professional therapists and organisations we feel that Cove can present a modern way to engage in these health issues.

How can people get involved? 

We’d love to connect with as many organisations as possible that support young people. Whether they are social care groups, schools, colleges or support groups.

We also want to find the best way to bring Cove to young people, so we’d love to speak to marketing and PR experts that know how best to position something like Cove to youth markets.

Lastly, we’d love to meet the sort of people who invest in companies like ours, especially those who are passionate about music and helping young people.

website: cove-app.com
twitter: @cove-app
facebook: explorecove
email: info@humaneengineering.com