04 Sep 2015

Startup profile: Konnektis

By Jessica

In the run up to BGV Demo Day on 16th September we’re profiling the 10 startups on our summer accelerator programme. In today’s instalment David and Mark Howells tell us about Konnektis (father and son, in case you’re wondering). 

What’s the big problem you’re trying to solve?

We want to encourage the best communication possible between carers that support people receiving care in their own homes.  At the moment, communication is mainly paper-based, so families don’t have basic real-time information about how their loved one is day-to-day.  Carers are able to provide better, more personal care when they are able to access important information quickly and easily, which is challenging with paper notes.

What’s your solution?

Our idea is simple.  We want to replace hand-written paper notes with a tablet that stays in the home and is used by all carers – paid, voluntary and family members – so that everyone has the information that they need.  Konnektis easily provides carers with a more complete picture about what is happening in the older person’s life, enabling them to deliver better, more personal care.

What’s your experience with that problem? 

Our family experienced the problems when looking after an elderly Grandfather suffering from a range of chronic conditions.  His health could change day-to-day and, as a family, we had no way of quickly and easily getting important information to his carers, or understanding during the day how he was.

One of the co-Founders, David, spent over forty years in social housing and care, including almost twenty years as CEO of a homecare and residential care charity.

How will this impact the lives of millions?

There are 2.5 million older people receiving homecare in the UK, including 1.5 million receiving unpaid or family care.  With an ageing population and more people wanting to stay in their own homes, this number will only increase.  Better, more personal care tends to lessen anxiety or confusion for the person receiving it.  There are millions of friends and families that could manage care in real-time and benefit from peace-of-mind knowing what is happening day-to-day.

How can people get involved? 

We are always keen to speak to carers, families or partner organisations to test and expand Konnektis.

website: www.konnektis.com
email: mark@konnektis.com