08 Sep 2015

Startup profile: PositionDial

By Jessica

In the run up to BGV Demo Day on 16th September we’re profiling the 10 startups on our summer accelerator programme. In today’s instalment Mariam Cook talks to us about PositionDial. 

What’s the big problem you’re trying to solve?

Disempowerment in our society and democracy: underpinned by low trust between people and power (business, politics and media).

What’s your solution?

PositionDial is a service to help people live their values by making lifestyle recommendations that match their personal ethics. Our web app allows people to build up a personal profile by agreeing or disagreeing with different statements (we call this their PositionDial). Based on their personal PositionDial they will be matched to brands, commentators, politicians and campaigns – so they can buy, campaign and vote in line with the issues they care about.

We also offer an insights service to businesses, based on using our technology platform to analyse publicly available media and social media.

What’s your experience with that problem?

Our team has a wealth of experience in this area spanning not-for-profit, political and commercial sectors. Previously we’ve developed and run big data systems and social media analysis for global companies, organisations and brands. We’ve been active in social movements, and run online media and digital engagement campaigns professionally and as volunteers. PositionDial was conceived while I was doing my MSc at the LSE and is grounded in leading contemporary information science: issue networks (Marres), agonistic pluralism (Mouffe), and actor network theory (Latour).

How will this impact the lives of millions?

PositionDial will integrate into everyday lives: enabling better informed choices and decisions, improving understanding between individuals, companies and politicians, and ultimately driving individual empowerment, direct democracy and commercial innovation.

How can people get involved?

Go to our website and build your PositionDial profile today. Tell your friends about it and give us feedback about your experience. We are also building academic and media partnerships in advance of our UK university roadshow. 

website: www.positiondial.com
twitter: @PositionDial
email: mariam@positiondial.com


photo credit: DncnH licensed under CC BY 2.0