03 Sep 2015

Startup profile: RentSquare

By Jessica

In the run up to BGV Demo Day on 16th September we’re profiling the 10 startups on our summer accelerator programme. In today’s instalment Helena Trippe, Lais de Almeida and Iban Benzal tell us about RentSquare. 

What’s the big problem you’re trying to solve?

We all know that the private rented sector has many problems. That is especially the case when it comes to finding a new home, a new tenant or those hairy conversations about renewing an agreement. The time, the hassle and that feeling of being constantly unsure about whether you are making the right choice, is not helped by the fact that there is very little trusted information about the real price of rents. Not to mention all the hidden nasties and costs. Looking for the right match means many landlords have properties empty for almost 6 weeks – yes, even in London!

What’s your experience with that problem? 

First of all, we have suffered for the last 18 years in the private rented sector. We know how your heart sinks every time you have to look for a new home or new tenants. And with our professional experience in the housing sector we know that we can’t afford to have properties sitting empty while we go through a major housing crisis.  

What’s your solution?

RentSquare is the first ethical digital service where tenants and landlords can connect directly and close deals around the best rent prices. We are building an online calculator to work out the fairest rent price for specific properties, which means tenants and landlords can be certain about the choices they are making. Our service allows tenants and landlords to close deals at these prices through our match-making features, and it provides all the information needed to make the whole process easy and efficient.

How will this impact the lives of millions?

Amazingly, we have found a solution where tenants will save on rents, and surprisingly – because we’ll reduce the amount of time properties lie vacant and our fees are fair – landlords will actually earn more money at the end of the year!

Tenants and landlords will be able to feel more confident about their decisions and trust each other as they have access to real and robust information about prices and properties. They save money by connecting directly, which makes the whole experience a lot more human.  

We always knew there was a way of solving these issues where everyone would win.

How can people get involved?

If you are a tenant or landlord and you believe there is a better way of letting or renting, you can join our housing revolution. You can start by signing up on our website to get early access to our service. If you provide some of your property information to power our calculations we’ll calculate your RentSquare price. We are also looking for more properties to close deals for, so if you want to let or find homes at RentSquare prices get in touch today!

website: www.rentsquare.io
twitter: @therentsquare
email: hello@rentsquare.io

image credit: Matthew Rutledge CC BY NC 2.0