18 Aug 2014

The new town of food savers

By Lily

(Guest post by Steve D. AMARA, Founder of Sincuru)

I still vividly remember one of our human geography classes in year 2 about the nomadic people of West Africa. Our teacher told us about the farmers from traditional Fula communities, which one can find from Northern Cameroon up to the borders of Senegal River.

Fula farmers travel a lot, always with their cattle herd, looking for new lands to establish themselves with their families. One of the primary things they look for is how good the land is for women to grow food, how fresh the grass is for men to feed cattle, and how people value food in the area. Once they pick a place and build their new habitat, they call it “Sincuru” which in Pulaar (one of their languages) means “newly built town”.

I grew up in Douala, Cameroon, with the same idea and ideals about food. And because of that, I could not possibly accept the new food supply chain we are part of today, where waste has become a norm.

  • We waste 1/3 of our production worldwide. 1.3 billion tons.
  • In Europe, we waste 50% of the food we produce. In the UK, 22 million tons.
  • Up to 2 out 5 fruits and vegetables will never reach our supermarkets shelves. For solely cosmetic reasons.

We could keep going with shocking statistics, but we all get a sense of what is at stake:  we waste food, a lot of food, too much food. Maybe it’s time for us to think like the Fula people and give food the value it deserves. Treat food as a precious commodity in our lives,  here is Sincuru’s aim.

At Sincuru, we save fruits and vegetables from wastage, curate beautiful and generous bags of produce and deliver it to you every week.

Fruitybag for fruits lovers, Veggybag for vegetables lovers, and Mixybag if you love both or don’t want to chose. Whatever you go with, you always win: you eat fresh, tasty and nutritious food at the peak of their ripeness and save the planet. For only  £9.99!

We are happy to see more people realising how big the food waste scandal is. Habits are not easy to change though, and too often shape wins over taste. An ugly but delicious peach will rarely win over a perfectly round but juiceless and bland orange… Not with Sincuru though! We are giving fruits and vegetables their value back, and with that, the possibility for all of us to rediscover the gorgeous tastes of  Mother Nature.

We reduce food waste by reusing stocks that would have otherwise been discarded. At the end, we all rejoice in lovely produce. And that is what matters most to us.