09 Jul 2014

The transformation of our new office

By Vicky

In February we first viewed our new office at Makerversity, an old HMRC office in the vaults of Somerset House. Five months down the line, the place has been transformed from its run down faded glory into an innovative and creative workspace for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Our initial thoughts back in February was that it had ‘potential’ – AKA ‘a fixer upper’! The floor was damaged and covered in holes, the space was full of buckets catching the water from the leaks and the walls were a crumbling mess. However, underneath all of these cracks we could see that the space really did have true beauty and all it needed was some TLC!

Through the hard work and determination of Makerversity, BGV and a strong army of volunteers we now have an *almost* fully functioning office, and I wanted to show you the amazing transformation that has happened here.





New office

Our summer 2014 programme kicked off yesterday, so we are looking forward to the teams putting their touch on the place!