13 Jun 2017

Three months in five minutes – BGV Demo Day Spring 2017

By Evelyn

Last week, we had our 10th Demo Day at Conway Hall, celebrating the work and achievement of our eight tech for good teams.  It was an amazing night of drinks, pizza and pitches. It had been an intense past few weeks at the BGV office, with our teams practising tirelessly but it all paid off on what was our biggest night yet.

Three months ago our teams had joined the BGV accelerator with an idea they believed could impact millions of people.  Fuelled with nervous optimism, they took another step in their startup journey, sharing their ideas with our community, challenging their assumptions and refining their product or service.

At times, during an intense programme like ours, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the nitty gritty of developing an idea and forget the bigger picture.  But halfway through the programme, our teams moved on loads by getting hands on with their users, testing their ideas and getting real, useful and effective feedback.  

Now, these teams didn’t have the polished and perfected pitches you witnessed last week. At the beginning of the programme, some had little more than a twitter bio as their central message to the world. And that’s understandable. It’s always difficult articulating your work to someone when you’re figuring out the kinks of the business yourself.  So our teams created, scrapped and reimagined new ways to convey their message.

In 5 minutes, our start ups relayed three months worth of work to us. In a packed venue, with stage and spotlight set, we were able to remember exactly why we gathered – to remind the world, and perhaps even ourselves, that socially focussed business is worth backing.

It almost seems cliche to state that in times like these we are in need of social innovation more than ever.  A hung UK parliament means we need more ventures like Apptivism to better engage our politicians with the public.  We’ll need enterprises like The Local Electricity Project to pick up the slack where governments fail to commit to tackling climate change.  Never before has mental health been so widely recognised as an issue in our country, which is why we need to make sure those stories are being told sensitively just how Mental Snapp have shown us.

Whatever the case may be, at Bethnal Green Ventures we are calling out for better and more ambitious ideas to face the tough challenges ahead. If you believe that your tech for good business can affect genuine and positive change for society and the environment, get in touch.

Applications for our next accelerator programme close at midnight on June 18th.  You can click here to apply.  If you’ve got any questions, get in touch with us. You can email us to organise a chat over Skype or on the phone.

We look forward to hearing from you.